White Ivy - Susie Yang

White Ivy Summary

Written By Susie Yang

Readers Score: 4/5
Rated by 205 Readers

White Ivy Book Summary


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A young woman’s crush on a privileged former classmate becomes a story of love, lies, and dark obsession, offering stark insights into the immigrant experience, as it hurtles to its electrifying ending.

Ivy Lin is a thief and a liar—but you’d never know it by looking at her.

Raised outside of Boston, Ivy’s immigrant grandmother relies on Ivy’s mild appearance for cover as she teaches her granddaughter how to pilfer items from yard sales and second-hand shops. Thieving allows Ivy to accumulate the trappings of a suburban teen—and, most importantly, to attract the attention of Gideon Speyer, the golden boy of a wealthy political family. But when Ivy’s mother discovers her trespasses, punishment is swift and Ivy is sent to China, and her dream instantly evaporates.

Years later, Ivy has grown into a poised yet restless young woman, haunted by her conflicting feelings about her upbringing and her family. Back in Boston, when Ivy bumps into Sylvia Speyer, Gideon’s sister, a reconnection with Gideon seems not only inevitable—it feels like fate.

Slowly, Ivy sinks her claws into Gideon and the entire Speyer clan by attending fancy dinners, and weekend getaways to the cape. But just as Ivy is about to have everything she’s ever wanted, a ghost from her past resurfaces, threatening the nearly perfect life she’s worked so hard to build.

Filled with surprising twists and a nuanced exploration of class and race, White Ivy is a glimpse into the dark side of a woman who yearns for success at any cost.

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About the book:

White Ivy is a Literary book, written By Susie Yang. As a testament to the Book's popularity, it has gathered a rating of 4 out of a possible 5 Stars, on Reviews by 205 Readers who strongly recommends this book.

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  • Asian white worship in the flesh

    By Larry Underwood
    Read it. As a black American married to a Chinese woman in Shanghai I couldn’t relate. This is a book about class and race. The Chinese (Americanized or otherwise) obsession and envy of white people/skin is readily apparent in the novel. I put it down halfway through. I’m willing to bet the author is married to the very same type of person the main character obsesses over in the novel. Goes down the same path as the Joy Luck Club, Iron and Silk, to all the boys I’ve ever lived etc. The endless fascination of idolizing white men and society. Of course there is nothing wrong with it. However it doesn’t provide the excitement of something different. We are left feeling we’ve all been on this ride before. I was hoping Gideon would be any other ethnicity than white. Of course I was disappointed. We want new stories. Show us that you can think outside of the box.
  • Good, but not a page turner

    By AlicatOD
    I found it interesting but not nearly as thrilling or having the depth the description depicted.


  • Best Book Ever

    By DaaimahE
    An absolutely stunning profound unexpected gem of a book. I couldn’t put it down. So much to unpack. Is this Susie Yangs first book?? Please let there be a sequel!
  • Good, but not a page turner

    By AlicatOD
    I found it interesting but not nearly as thrilling or having the depth the description depicted.