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A Warning Book Summary


#1 New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller: An unprecedented behind-the-scenes portrait of the Trump presidency from the anonymous senior official whose first words of warning about the president rocked the nation's capital.
On September 5, 2018, the New York Times published a bombshell essay and took the rare step of granting its writer anonymity. Described only as "a senior official in the Trump administration," the author provided eyewitness insight into White House chaos, administration instability, and the people working to keep Donald Trump's reckless impulses in check.

With the 2020 election on the horizon, Anonymous is speaking out once again. In this book, the original author pulls back the curtain even further, offering a first-of-its-kind look at the president and his record -- a must-read before Election Day. It will surprise and challenge both Democrats and Republicans, motivate them to consider how we judge our nation's leaders, and illuminate the consequences of re-electing a commander in chief unfit for the role.

This book is a sobering assessment of the man in the Oval Office and a warning about something even more important -- who we are as a people.

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About the book:

A Warning is a Political Science book, written By Anonymous. As a testament to the Book's popularity, it has gathered a rating of 4 out of a possible 5 Stars, on Reviews by 473 Readers who strongly recommends this book.

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  • A Warning

    By patapally
    I was not going to read the book as so much had been revealed in advance. And full disclosure, I am a liberal democrat who does not share any of the ideology of the author. I finished the book early this morning was very impressed by it. It was well written, and I feel sincere in the authors’ desire to present an accurate portrait of this administration. Although it did not break new ground in terms of disclosures, it thoughtfully examines both Trump and associates. The motives of those who continue to support him are familiar to anyone who ever attends an American high school-the cruel and stupid bully, the dim bulbs who find shelter in jockeying for approval and those who are canny enough to find a way to benefit from the chaos while sacrificing their integrity in the process. However the author really aims the treatise to the silent majority who just kept their heads down, looking forward to graduation and escaping the mess. The final chapter is commencement address to a nation in dire need of a clarion call to action. We are the ones responsible for the current state of affairs and the only ones who can clean up the mess. Failing to do just that will ensure future graduates will lack to opportunity to do so!
  • Hastily written....

    By Kathytc
    ...and it shows. Most of the incidents reported in this book are already well reported. Not much new about Trump to be found in its pages. I find it troubling that the authors chooses to remain anonymous. He (or possibly she) even made a comment about mistrusting a report that is issued anonymously.
  • Closing moments were strong

    By kinive
    I was pretty much seething with anger throughout most of the book. I have developed an abhorrence to this administration, but the author does a good job of catching that and rationalizing a move forward. We the electorate truly need to come together for the safety and success of this country in 2020 and put someone competent, deserving, and ethical in office.


  • Anonymous

    By bschatzinger
    Must read for every voter...
  • A Clear Warning to all Americans

    By Verndoosh
    This outstanding book was obviously written by someone very high up in the Whitehouse. He or she describes an administration reeling in almost daily chaos, manned by a staff mortified at the immoral behavior of the President. The author’s use of historical events brings into focus the damage being done by Trump to our nation’s moral direction.
  • Anonymous

    By Snowshoe Guy
    Every American citizen and member of Congress needs to read his book and enter a period of deep reflection ...
  • Sobering Insight into Trump’s White House

    I’m not sure what I expected, but it is a sobering reality check for those who weren’t already familiar by now with Trump’s scary & criminal behavior on a day to day basis. Must read. I’m really sure now that Trump was never qualified to be President of our great Country.
  • This is Disgraceful.

    By Blue Dog Democrat
    The US Senate needs to use the power of the United States Congress to expose who this person is and imprison this person. If someone from Obama’s White House has done this they would have been publicly rebuked and would have had their lives ruined by the Media. This is disgraceful.
  • Superficial with nothing new

    By Epicure 2
    There’s nothing new here and the analyses, if one can call them that, are superficial and poorly written. Others like Woodward and Wolff have described the same situation Much more eloquently and convincingly. There’s just no reason to buy this book.
  • A Warning Anonymous

    By trustgd
    Everyone, including Donald Trump, that has the capacity to read on a 4th grade level should read this book! Every GOP Senator who is not voting for Impeachment and Removal of Donald Trump from Office of President of the United States of America should read this book. They should reflect on the behavior and crimes against the Greatest Country in the World and how Donald Trump, his Family, as well as the GOP Senators have ruined it, and harmed innocent people in the process with not so much as on care or concern about any of their Constituents! God Almighty is the ruling Party of the United States not Donald Trump and for him to want people to call him a King is preposterous. I’m ashamed of every Republican Senator under the leadership of Donald Trump and how corrupt they have become.
  • Enlightening

    By nextgeneric
    Nothing we don’t already know, but shines a light.
  • Scholarly, analytic, realpolitik--a breath of fresh air!

    By Ms. Hush Puppy
    A passionate writer providing dispassionate and historical analysis of how America has become more crude, more divided and less able to move forward with rational analyses to better support our balance of power as it was intended by the Framers. Amazing discussions of what has happened, questioning why & speculating on the future. Can you get a Pulitzer if you are Anonymous? I hope so!