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Written By Kendall Ryan

Readers Score: 4.5/5
Rated by 992 Readers

The Room Mate Book Summary


The last time I saw my best friend’s younger brother, he was a geek wearing braces. But when Cannon shows up to crash in my spare room, I get a swift reality check.

Now twenty-four, he’s broad shouldered and masculine, and so sinfully sexy, I want to climb him like the jungle gyms we used to enjoy. At six-foot-something with lean muscles hiding under his T-shirt, a deep sexy voice, and full lips that pull into a smirk when he studies me, he’s pure temptation.

Fresh out of a messy breakup, he doesn’t want any entanglements. But I can resist, right?

I’m holding strong until the third night of our new arrangement when we get drunk and he confesses his biggest secret of all: he’s cursed when it comes to sex. Apparently he’s a god in bed, and women instantly fall in love with him.

I’m calling b******t. In fact, I’m going to prove him wrong, and if I rack up a few much-needed orgasms in the process, all the better.

There’s no way I’m going to fall in love with Cannon. But once we start…I realize betting against him may have been the biggest mistake of my life.

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About the book:

The Room Mate is a Contemporary book, written By Kendall Ryan. As a testament to the Book's popularity, it has gathered a rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 Stars, on Reviews by 992 Readers who strongly recommends this book.

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  • Another great start to what promises to be a great KR series!

    By Janet Reads Books
    The Room Mate launches Kendall Ryan’s new series – Roommates – and it is a clever, romantic and extremely sexy book with an entertaining and unexpected plot twist. Rather than the typical romance where the girl falls for her brother’s best friend, The Room Mate’s girl falls for her best friend’s little, younger brother. It’s a nice change of pace, and there is something particularly enjoyable about reading an older woman with a younger man. Of course, they’re both in their twenties and only four years apart, so this is by no means a cougar romance. (Not that there’s anything wrong with those either. Did I just create a new sub-genre?) Cannon Roth’s favorite appendage seems to have voodoo powers that make women fall hopelessly in love with him. This might not sound like a problem except Cannon is finishing medical school and not looking for a relationship, and these mesmerized women start acting like psychotic loonies when doesn’t return their feelings. His apartment was just trashed by one of his crazies, and he needs a place to stay for his last two months of school. Luckily, his big sister’s best friend, Paige, has an extra bedroom he can use to crash. Unluckily – depending on how you look at it – he’s been half in love and fully in lust with Paige since he was a tween. Paige hasn’t seen Cannon in years and is very surprised that he’s not a kid anymore and certainly not her best friend’s cute-but-nerdy little brother. She’s extremely attracted to him, but knows his sister would not approve of them sleeping together or having a relationship of any kind. Heck, she doesn’t think they should get involved, but her body isn’t listening to her mind. She realizes her new roommate could end up being her Pandora’s Box and these two short months could feel like forever. As she gets reacquainted with the mature, hunky, soon-to-be-doctor Cannon, Paige realizes these two months could actually be the start of her forever. Kendall Ryan can be relied upon to deliver a smart romance that will make your Kindle emit steam while you laugh, sigh and ultimately smile, and she delivers with The Room Mate. A day spent reading a Kendall Ryan book is a day very well spent, and I can’t wait for the next book in this new sexy series.
  • Perfect blend of Friends to Lovers & Forbidden Love

    By Bookbruin
    4.5 stars The Room Mate is a perfect blend of friends to lovers romance with a healthy dose of forbidden love (best friend's little brother). Cannon and Paige have known each other since childhood, but things take a steamy and emotional turn once they unexpectedly begin living together. This is the first book in the Roommates series, but can be read as a standalone. I loved Cannon and Paige, individually and together. They are both caring, smart, and independent people, but they also have their insecurities and baggage. Neither wants to put themselves truly out there. Paige is fearful of the loss of her friendship with Cannon's sister, Allie, as well as the possible hurt and rejection she may face if she gives into her attraction. Cannon doesn't want anything to interfere with his goals to be a physician and to take care of his mother and sister, but how can he resist his childhood crush? The story is told from both of their points of views and it really helped to understand the struggle and emotions each of them were dealing with. Cannon may be 4 years younger than Paige, but these two have amazing chemistry and I loved their witty banter and steamy moments. Cannon is equal parts tender and sweet as he is dominant and assertive. His cute relationship with his mother was adorable, but I did find Allie to be too judgmental and annoying. I understand her concerns, but Cannon and Paige are adults and they can do what ever they want with their lives. I also didn't quite believe that someone as smart as Cannon, would continually find/hook up with such crazy obsessive women. The crazy ex's drama seemed a little too over the top. For better or for worse, both Cannon and Paige make decisions that they think are for the best for everyone. I do wish these two would have spent a little more time being honest with each other though, rather than assuming they knew what the other was thinking and feeling. It made the epilogue that much sweeter though and who doesn't love lemonade? ;) Overall, this was a sexy and sweet book with both lighthearted, laugh out loud scenes and heavier, more emotional moments. I felt invested in Cannon and Paige and the push and pull between them had me feeling all the feels! I can't wait to read the next book in the series! *I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book.*
  • Too slow...

    By RomanceBookJunkie#2
    This book just took too long to heat up. Just didn’t have it in me to even try and finish it.


  • Loved!

    By L_Ann B.
    Great read! Couldn’t put it down! They were funny together and I could feel their energy as I read it!
  • Not bad

    By straighttalker198
    I didn’t think it was completely bad!
  • “The Room Mate” by Kendall Ryan

    By J. O'Farrell
    Shocking!! That was my first reaction to this contemporary novel. However, by the end of the first chapter, I was so engaged with the characters that I couldn’t put the book down. These characters are so well developed that you’ll find yourself rooting for them-all the way from Michigan to Denver. And true love does conquer all! -Jan Farrell Repath
  • The Room Mate

    By Diamondsforever1247
    Really good book I loved it and wouldn’t mind reading it Again
  • Not as good as I had hoped

    By Bluedoggy72
    I really wanted to like this book but the male character was not well written.
  • Great read!

    By KaylaaSmileyy
    Great read, unfortunately couldn’t stop reading it so I finished it in a few hours! Excited to read some more of this authors book!
  • not bad but not good

    By Reese 45
    story was plain okay.
  • A Funny Read

    By Katiekoz
    I enjoyed reading The Room Mate. I liked the storyline and thought it was funny as well. Cannon's a good guy who always tries to make the best out of a bad situation. Paige is best friend's with Cannon's sister Allie which causes a few bumps in the road. I liked them as a couple, they're cute together. However I feel like I should know more about them as individuals; I feel like I don't know a whole lot about them, especially Paige. I still enjoyed it and thought it was a good book, I just think there could have been a bigger connection made. I still rooted for them, but I felt like something was missing.
  • The Roommate...5 Star Hit

    By Lisa Stinson
    This book was my first Kendall Ryan book but it will not be my last. I loved everything about this book. I was hooked from the first page and didn't want to put it down nor did I want it to end. Loved the fact that Cannon was a few years younger than Paige. I also loved that he had a crush on her growing up but she never knew. But when he needs a place to stay, his sister (her BFF) suggests Cannon stay with Paige. Their physical attraction is instant but they begin to get to know the grown up versions of each other and things develop into more. Obviously neither one of them let the other one know that they feel more because it wasn't suppose to be anything serious. Will these two be able to speak up and let the other one know before Cannon moves on with his doctor residency, possibly out of state. One click this book now and you will not be disappointed.