How Emotions Work: In Humans and Computers (Unabridged) - Sean Webb

How Emotions Work: In Humans and Computers (Unabridged)

By Sean Webb

  • Release Date: 2013-03-11
  • Genre: Technology
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Book Summary

How Emotions Work: In Humans and Computers is a no-nonsense explanation of what causes over 50 specific emotions within the mind of a human individual, and how that model of emotions can be utilized to identify, track, and predict emotions in Web users (emotions being the largest influencer of buying decisions globally), and also how emotions can be programmed for simulated computer consciousness.

Based on a new Unified Theory of Emotion, this book reveals how all human emotions can be modeled and understood from a daily life perspective, and also from a logical computing perspective. Both technology fans and non-technology fans alike love this plainly written book, packed with real-life examples of how this new model of emotional understanding is accurate in explaining our everyday human emotions. In addition, the tech fans enjoy how this book opens the door to amazing possibilities for our collective future, and how it lays out how to computer model artificial emotions programming.