CompTIA Network+: Study Guide for the CompTIA Network+ Certification: Exam N10-007 (Unabridged) - Samuel Foster

CompTIA Network+: Study Guide for the CompTIA Network+ Certification: Exam N10-007 (Unabridged)

By Samuel Foster


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Book Summary

You are about to unlock the material that will hold you by the hand to ace your N10-007 exams and attain your CompTIA network+ certification! 

Certifications are everything in IT. Without the right certification, it may be very hard to work in specialized fields and in certain organizations that mainly hire people with certain certifications.

For instance, without a CompTIA Network + certification, it can be very hard to climb up the ranks to be in charge of IT infrastructure covering configuring, troubleshooting, and managing networks.

But as you well know, passing these certification exams is never a walk in the park.

Part of getting the CompTIA Network + certification is passing the N10-007 exam, which some of those who’ve done the exam say is the hardest exam they’ve ever done! With a minimum pass mark of 77 percent, you cannot afford to not prepare adequately if you truly want to pass the exam. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to attempt the exam several times – some even end up giving up before they could pass! The exam is so tough that rumor (unconfirmed) has it that about 30 percent of those enrolling for the exam get the pass mark!

I’m not saying this to scare you; I’m telling you this to get you to see the seriousness of preparing adequately for the exam.

And that’s exactly where this book comes in; to help you prepare adequately – to leave no stone unturned.

Whether it is your first attempt, the second, third, fourth, or even fifth attempt, you will find this book incredibly helpful in helping you to:
Understand how to read and understand questions before you start answering – because getting one question wrong at the beginning may mean very many other questions will be wrong.... Know the trick questions and words that may make you fail if you don’t spot them early. Pace yourself during the 90-minute exam to ensure you actually finish the exam on time. And much more!
I know you are wondering….

What do you need to master to ace the N10-007 exam?

How do you read and understand questions so that you answer exactly what’s being asked and don’t misunderstand questions?

How do you increase your chances of passing the N10-007 exam?

How does the exam compare to other similar exams out there?

How do you learn to pace yourself before the actual exam so that you simply ace it?

If you have these and other related questions about acing the N10-007 exam, this book is for you so keep listening, as it covers everything you need to know and much more!

More precisely, the book will teach you: How a network works The basics of network technology The network components and NAS Meaning of ethernet, ethernet frame, and historical background The ISO/OSI seven-layer model The DOD-layer model IPV6 addresses IPV4 addresses Subnetting and supernetting Network protocols Tips for troubleshooting